Fire Safety on Boats

fire safety on a boat

Safety On Board You’ve probably see pictures or even videos of a boat on fire. It certainly is not a pretty sight and one that quite correctly puts  fear – or at least caution – into your heart. There is no doubt that the best approach requires a combination of prevention, detection and first line firefighting. […]

Chartering a boat in Australia

chartering a boat in Australia

A Trip on the Hawkesbury There are many ways to enjoy the delights of boating. The best way is to own your very own boat. However, we had a 5-week trip to Australia to visit family, and I could not bear the thought of 5 weeks with no boating. What were we to do? Obviously […]

You Old Seadog

dogs and boating

Dogs and Boating Wikipedia reliably informs us that ‘seadog’  can refer either to a sailor or a dog. Well, it  occurred to me that many of us have actual dogs, of all breeds, shapes and sizes that come out on our boats, so a few words about  them might be helpful. Some dogs do genuinely love being out on […]

How To Choose The Right Marina

Learn how to choose your ideal marina

Marinas, Moorings and Berths OK, you now have the boat of your dreams. Just one tiny little challenge exists. Where do you put it? Most people decide on a marina, depending on the size of the boat. Given that we are talking about boating, you won’t be surprised to hear that marinas are not cheap! […]