Automatic Fenders

Automatic Fender System

The hands-off, Automatic Fender System makes berthing easier and safer than ever before.

The system is controlled by Bluetooth from a mobile or tablet. Simply press a button on the app to deploy the fenders and another to raise them. Upon leaving your berth, the fenders are lifted into their correct position and are neatly and securely stored between the railings on the boat.

  • Safely store fenders without taking up space on board
  • Automatically deploys and lifts at the touch of a button
  • Remembers the drop height at your home marina
  • No need to go onto the bow when entering or leaving a berth
  • Easily installation - simply clamps to a horizontal rail
  • No electrical cables needed - uses built-in solar, battery and Bluetooth
  • Pricing from £499 + VAT each - sold in port / starboard pairs

The Problems with Fenders

Fenders are one of those things we take for granted in boating.

However, let’s be honest, they are bulky to store, a nuisance to deploy, and not all crew like going onto the bow – especially in choppy waters. After leaving the berth, you have to bring them back on board, and find somewhere to store them – usually taking up valuable and storage space.

The situation is worse if you are single handed, short-handed or have crew that are uncomfortable moving about on the bow, or handling bulky fenders.

All too often, you get a typical scenario like this:-

You are approaching a marina. The rain has started and there is a slight chop on. The skipper is busy, perhaps shouting orders and the partner/crew running from one end of the boat to another deploying fenders, trying to fend off, as well as keeping a lookout. All this is happening at a busy time. Even when you are out on the water you need to find a way to safely stow the bulky fenders so that they don’t cause any damage by bouncing around.

Of course, we can just take this hassle for granted. However, there must be a better way. Now there is...

The Solution to Banish Fender Woes

The Automatic Fender System is the solution. 

It is neatly attached to the horizontal railings on the boat. The three clamps hold it firmly in place -  they are so neat that they are hardly visible once installed. 

Once fitted, the Automatic Fender System will automatically deploy by pressing a button on the supplied app, via your smartphone or tablet.

When you leave the marina, the Automatic Fender System automatically lifts the fender and stores it neatly and securely under the rail.


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You can also read a dedicated article about the Automatic Fender System here, written by Go Earth Director, Martin Berman.