Classic Boats

These are older boats, typically with a wooden hull, that can be quite beautiful if fully restored. These are a labour of love for someone who wants to spend his or her time ‘doing up’ an older boat.

By the nature of this type of boat, they are very individual.

How old does a boat have to be to be considered classic? There is no real answer to this – perhaps prior to the 1950’s, but this is arbitrary.

If you are considering buying a classic, you should very carefully consider costs, time, and your personal skill levels if you are going to restore it successfully. There are some clubs that can help you with this.

Some boats are advertised as ‘projects’. It is telling that often they are a boat that someone has bought as a project, and they have not found the time to complete it. If it is a very small project, then it may be viable. Otherwise, we would urge caution. Remember that a boat consist of many systems – not just the hull and superstructure. All these systems need to be put into safe working order.

We would suggest that this is a great hobby if this is what you want. It should not normally be viewed as a way of buying a boat cheaply.