Fishing Boat

To be clear – we are not talking about commercial trawlers here! By Fishing Boats we mean the sort of leisure craft that the amateur angler can go out on. Many of the power boats will do this – however certain features are useful if your main boating activity is going to be around angling. Your boat ideally needs to have:

  • a clear deck at the stern from which to fish. This should be reasonably spacious with no obstacles to trip over
  • robust enough to tackle the roughest types of seas that you might encounter. If your angling is going to be confined to modest sized lakes, this is clearly very different from deep sea fishing.
  • a centre cabin in which to shelter if the weather turns bad
  • rob holders
  • space to store your catch

Many manufacturers produce leisure craft designed specifically for fishing – one brand is even called “Merry Fisher”. Manufacturers include Beneteau, Jeanneau, Arvor, Ocqueteau, Osprey, Quicksilver, Bayliner, Sessa, Orkney, Starfisher, Cygnus,