Speed Boats for Sale

These are small power speed boats for sale – often from 12 feet (4 metres) to 20 feet. They are open boats, with seating for 2 to 6 people. Any larger than this, and they are probably a Bowrider or a Cuddyboat.

Typically have a single engine, usually an outboard, although some can have an inboard one. They are for use on lakes, rivers and maybe close to the shore in calm conditions. They are suitable for watersports, such as water skiing.

Manufacturers include Fletcher, Sea-do, Mastercraft, Stingray, Mariah, Four Winns, Quicksilver, Bayliner and others. There are some examples that are built for really fast speed across the water – these include Bladerunner, Nautique and Scarab. These speedsters tend to be bigger and of course have very powerful engines – and can be double or triple-engined. Note that 50 knots across the water feels like 120 mph in a car!