[Q] Can you help with any type of boat?

[A] If you are looking to purchase something very small and low cost (say, below GBP10,000), then our formal assistance would not be cost effective. However, we are happy to provide informal advice. If you are looking for a boat valued at, say GBP500,000 or more, then our bespoke service would be more appropriate to your needs.

[Q] How do you get such great discounts?

[A] That is a trade secret! However, we are entirely happy to be judged on our success – and our pricing for Negotiation is primarily based on our success.

[Q] Do you sell boats yourselves?

[A] Our main business is helping you to find the right boat from other sources. Sometimes, however, we may have a stock boat for sale, or charter or for a boat share. This may happen if, for example, a client has a smaller boat for sale and needs to sell it in order to purchase a larger boat. In such circumstances, we MAY be able to help.

[Q] If I engage you as my agent, do I have to buy the boat you recommend?

[A] Absolutely not. The final decision is entirely yours. You are completely free to buy or not buy; to go with our recommendation or take an alternative path. Please carefully read the Agents contract for full details.

[Q] Do you get any commission from the vendor of a boat?

[A] No. We act on your behalf and try and get you the best deal. The only exception is if a vendor offers to pay our expenses to travel to view a boat on your behalf, then we would only accept these expenses with your permission, as it could save these costs for you. Again, please carefully read the Agents contract for full details. Any and all our transactions are intended to be transparent to you. Note that we may accept a commission for other services such as transport or surveying. We would endeavour to ensure that any commission paid to us was equal across all providers of similar services so that there was never a financial incentive to recommend one provider over another. The objectives is to get you the best deal.