Fire Types

Fire extinguishers are classified according to the types of fires they are optimised for. Probably the most common types of fires on boats are classes B, C, F and Electrical.

Standard Icon Name Description
Class A Fires

Solid Combustibles

Fires involving solid combustible materials such as wood, textiles, straw, paper, coal etc.

Class B Fires

Flammable Liquids

Fires caused by combustion of liquids or materials that liquify such as petrol, oils, fats, paints, tar, ether, alcohol, stearin and paraffin.

Class C Fires

Flammable Gases

Fires caused by combustion of gases such as methane, propane, hydrogen, acetylene, natural gas and city gas

Class D Fires

Flammable Metals

Fires involving combustible metals such as magnesium, aluminium, lithium, sodium, potassium and their alloys. Combustible metal fires are unique industrial hazards which require special fire extinguishers.

Class F Fires

Combustible Cooking Media

Fires involving combustible cooking media such as oils and grease commonly found in commercial kitchens. These fires require a special wet chemical extinguishing agent that is specially suited for extinguishing and suppressing these extremely hot fires that have the ability to re-ignite easily.

(E) Electrical Fires

Electrical Appliances

Fires involving electrical appliances such as computers, electrical heaters, stereos, fuse boxes etc.

The classes of fire are shown on each extinguisher. Powder typically only deal with classes A and B. The Go Earth Marine Fire Extinguishers are designated for classes B, C, E, F and electrical.

This gives those boat owners covered by the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) (mainly just those on rivers and canals) a dilemma. The BSS requires that you also have (an) extinguisher(s) capable of dealing with type A fires; yet if you have use powder type, which is effective on type A, you will be left with a massive mess. The solution is to have sufficient extinguishers to satisfy BSS; and then use the Go Earth Marine Fire Extinguishers to provide convenient extra cover against other fire types.