Boat Search Services

Our Boat Search allow you to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with boat ownership, whilst avoiding the pitfalls that can come with purchasing a boat. Whether you’re new to boating or experienced at sea – if this is your first boat or subsequent purchase, we can save you valuable time and money.

How does the Boat Search work?

Using our specialist tools and knowledge, we can refine your requirements and identify a range of suitable boats for you. We use our experience of the market to give advice on what is sensible and viable within your constraints, such as budget, size and condition.

Say for example you're looking for a catamaran for sale. You can trawl the internet, boat dealers and other sources individually to find hundreds, if not thousands of options. We can take the hard work out of this for you by using our exclusive software and expertise. We can create a bespoke report, which lists up to twenty boats, all of which fit your individual requirements. Using our bespoke software, the report will be tailored to your exact requirements.

You will be provided with a professional and thorough report, full of recommendations. This will include specification sheets of boats, comments, verbal feedback and /or discussions including any next steps.

What happens once I have received my Boat Search?

As part of our commitment to getting you the best possible boat, our Enhanced Boat Search allows you to change or develop your requirements slightly and we will gladly produce a second or even third 'add-on' report, at no extra cost, to reflect your change in requirements

If you decide you’d like to explore any of the boats further, we can arrange viewings and even negotiate the price of the boat, on your behalf. We are independent of any broker, builder or manufacturer, which means that advice from us is independent, unbiased and in your best interests.

How much does a Boat Search cost?

We aim to save you substantial amounts of money and our costs are only a very small fraction of what you’ll be spending. A Standard Boat Search report starts from £195+ 0.15% of the top level budget asking price, and an Enhanced Boat Search report is £295+ 0.20% of the top level budget asking price.

To find out more, simply complete our Contact Us form, or phone us on 0 33 33 05 8424.

Download our Boat Search Services Brochure

Download the Boat Search Services brochure

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