About Us

Go Earth was set up in 2015, to help people buy a boat. Unlike anybody else on the market, we act for you as the buyer, not the seller.


We spotted a gap in the market to assist people buy a boat – the boat of their dreams. Ensuring they could make educated decisions and giving them access to all the boats for sale.


Our innovative approach enables Go Earth to stand out from our competitors and offer our clients the best customer service, choice, education and innovation.

We offer a variety of services and do as much – or as little – as you require.


Our range of services allows you to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with boat ownership, whilst avoiding any pitfalls that can come with purchasing a boat.


Whether you’re new to boating or experienced at sea – if this is your first boat or subsequent purchase, we will endeavour to save you valuable time and money

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Meet Our Team


Long-term boater and scuba diver, Martin incorporates this passion into the running of Go Earth. Martin has experience as a Senior Lecturer, Programme Manager and IT and Management Consultant. He is responsible for overall company strategy, and the delivery of boat search reports and negotiating services.


Sue is responsible for advisory services including internal design and artwork for vessels. With a keen eye for design and detail, Sue has an artist and teaching background. Sue also manages boating experiences and enjoys days out on the company boat.


Jacey is responsible for developing and delivering the marketing strategy, with experience across many sectors. Jacey has experience of boating, growing up beside the Bridgwater Canal, and regularly attends the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Blue Davies - Brand Ambassador

"I am thrilled to be working as a Brand Ambassador for Go Earth. This innovative, forward-thinking business has a wealth of exciting ideas and ventures to enhance services within the Leisure Marine Industry for businesses and customers alike."
Brand Ambassador

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We can assist you in any aspect of  your boat purchase.