Fender Systems

Take the hassle and risk out of deploying boat fenders with the latest version of our Fender Systems. 

What are Fender Systems?

There are three fender systems available – the Automatic Fender System, the Automatic Fender Torque, and the Power Fender System.

All three systems share a number of great features and allow you to deploy boat fenders when docking or undocking your boat, without the need to climb onto the bow/deck. 

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Automatic Fender System & Automatic Fender Torque Features:

  • Simple installation— completed in approx. 30 minutes/system
  • Equipped with built-in solar power and Bluetooth, eliminating the need for any electrical connection to the boat. The system effortlessly attaches to the boat using just three clamps
  • The system memorises the line length for your rub rail & docking site
  • Control the system from any location on the boat using your smartphone/tablet, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms
  • Automatic Fender Torque is with a higher torque rating.  Recommended for fenders larger than 8.5 inches/21.5cm; diameter x 20 inches/51cm length
  • The Automatic Fender System is £475 per unit.  The Automatic Fender Torque (for larger fenders) is £595 per unit 

Power Fender System Features:

  • Simple installation – completed in approx. 60 minutes/system
  • Requires electrical connection to the boat, a switch installation and three clamps
  • Line length set by the operator per each docking site
  • Control the system via your dashboard
  • the Power Fender System (which you cable in)  is £245 per unit

Learn More About Fender Systems

AF6 deploying a fender
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AF6 close-up
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AF6 next to a boat fender
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The fender systems are suitable for all types of boats – from a small sports cruiser to a superyacht. The only difference will be the number of fenders you require and the type of fenders you use.

The Automatic Fender System works with different size centre (through) hole boat fenders.

A single Automatic Fender unit takes around thirty minutes to install.

Installation is straightforward and all you need is a suitable screwdriver. 

The fender systems are indispensable accessories for modern boating for a number of reasons – they are particularly useful when you are managing boat fenders on a boat single-handed, with a limited crew or in bad weather, or when it is uncomfortable or even dangerous to go forward.   It is also perfect for powerboats with narrow side decks, or boat owners with limited mobility.  

The Automatic Fender System is £475 per unit.  The Automatic Fender Torque (for larger fenders) is £595 per unit, and the Power Fender System (which you cable in)  is £245 unit. This includes all VAT, import duty and carriage. You may also need some centre-hole fenders.