Boat Survey

Organising a boat survey is a very important part of the boat purchasing process. We would never recommend anybody to buy a boat without a full set of surveys – and we can assist with this if you wish.

We can assess and suggest what type of surveys are required for your boat and identify a qualified surveyor – this includes finding an English-speaking surveyor if required and any specialist surveys/engineers that may be needed. We can then organise and agree dates for the survey to be conducted and arrange for oil analysis if required.


Our team of experienced boaters can review the survey report on your behalf and provide you with our feedback, including importance of issues identified. 


By getting your boat surveyed properly at the start, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. If you decide to go ahead with a boat, these surveys should help give you a comprehensive  review of any outstanding issues that need work on the boat – so you should know exactly where you are, and help avoid any unexpected surprises.


The pricing depends upon the time involved, contact us for more details.

By getting your boat surveyed properly, you can save yourself a lot of time and money, as it gives you detailed information about the state  of the boat and what work will need undertaking – allowing you to budget accordingly. 

We recommend you have three types of survey carried out on a boat. Firstly by a Marine Surveyor to cover the hull and major systems on the boat. A Marine Engineer to cover the engine and the drive and steering systems and an Oil Analysis.

We recommend all boat owners have three types of survey carried out – however this does depends to some extent on the nature, size and cost of the boat. A Super Yacht demands substantially more than a modest sized sports cruiser. 

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