Boat Search Report

Our Boat Search allow you to enjoy the amazing benefits that come with boat ownership, whilst avoiding the pitfalls that can come with purchasing a boat. Whether you’re new to boating or experienced at sea – if this is your first boat or subsequent purchase, we can save you valuable time and money.

 Using our specialist tools and knowledge, we can refine your requirements and identify a range of suitable boats for you. We use our experience of the market to give advice on what is sensible and viable within your constraints, such as budget, size and condition.


You can trawl the internet, boat dealers and other sources individually to find hundreds, if not thousands of options… This is extremely time consuming and doesn’t give you full visibility to all  that there is on offer.


We can take the hard work out of this for you by using our exclusive software and expertise. We can create a bespoke report, which lists up to twenty boats, all of which fit your individual requirements.


Using our bespoke software, the report will be tailored to your exact requirements, such as budget, location and  condition. You will be provided with a professional and thorough report, full of suitable boats. This will include specification sheets, comments, verbal feedback and /or discussions including any next steps.

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Boat Search Price Calculator

Finding your ideal boat doesn’t have to cost the earth simply input your boat budget into the calculator and choose from one of our services to calculate the cost of us sourcing your dream boat.


The Standard Boat Search Report is ideal for you if you know what make and model of boat you are looking for.


The Enhanced Boat Search Report is ideal for you if you don’t yet know what make and model of boat you are looking for.


A Boat Search Report is a unique service that can help you find the boat of your dreams. Working in conjunction with you, we learn what you are looking for and create a bespoke report featuring a range of suitable boats for sale, that fit your exact requirements. By understanding what you want, we can search the world to source the ideal boat for you.

The Boat Search Report is completely tailored to you. It enables you to find the best value boat, most suited to your requirements. It may include boat manufacturer’s and models that you previously hadn’t considered and enables you to sit down and consider the report carefully, rather than making a snap decision. As part of the Boat Search Report, we provide valuable advice and guidance on what would be best for you and how to get the most for your money.

Using our advanced, specialist software and a vast range of industry contacts, we scan the market to find a range of ideal boats to suit your exact requirements. We have access to several important sources, which include more online and offline areas than you could possibly search yourself, making it of great benefit to anybody looking to buy a boat.

You will be provided with a professional and thorough report, full of recommendations, based upon your requirements.  This will include detailed specification sheets of boats, comments, verbal feedback and /or discussions including any next steps.

This is variable, depending on your budget and how wide your criteria are. Typically, we stop at a maximum of twenty boats but will take your instructions on this from you.

We can source boats globally and a search can be as narrow or wide as you wish — whether that be globally or just within your country or locality. Wherever you are in the world, we can help.

A report can vary from eight to twenty pages. The thorough content is written by Go Earth and summarises the suggested boats and factors you should consider. In addition to this, you will receive the full particulars of all the boats including price, age, location and specification.

This depends on the complexity and width of your requirements but typically it varies between two to four weeks. Great customer service is key and we can provide an urgent report if required

We aim to save you substantial amounts of money and our costs are only a very small fraction of what you’ll be spending. A Standard Boat Search report starts from £195+ 0.15% of the top level budget asking price, and an Enhanced Boat Search report is £295+ 0.25% of the top level budget asking price. Check out our Boat Search Report calculator for an accurate figure.

We can assist boat buyers with all budgets, from those looking for a small weekend boat, to a superyacht

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