Free Boat Consultation

Free Boating Consultation.

New (or fairly new) to boating? Seen lots of boats for sale but not quite sure where to start? Want to be sure that you spend your money in a way that suits your budget and your lifestyle?

If so, we are very happy to help.

We offer a FREE, absolutely NO OBLIGATION, telephone consultation, to help you decide what will best suit YOU.

This is typically a telephone conversation of up to about 20 minutes. All we ask is that you complete our Contact Us form so that we have a reasonable idea of your thinking before we start our conversation.

Once you have completed our contact us form, we will email you to agree a suitable day and time. As our clients are international, in many time zones, we can arrange this for any day or time.

If you have access to Video Skype, that is our preferred method. Otherwise, we can use a land-line or a mobile.