How To Choose The Right Marina

Learn how to choose your ideal marina

Marinas, Moorings and Berths OK, you now have the boat of your dreams. Just one tiny little challenge exists. Where do you put it? Most people decide on a marina, depending on the size of the boat. Given that we are talking about boating, you won’t be surprised to hear that marinas are not cheap! […]

The Joy of Berthing

An Automatic Fender System set next to a boat fender

Innovative devices that can aid berthing We all know it. Berthing a boat can sometimes be remarkably straightforward, and at other times can be a time of stress, challenge, shouting, misunderstandings, slight (and possibly expensive) bumps and even the odd (and definitely very expensive) trip to the divorce lawyer! What can you do to reduce […]

Berth Holders of the World Unite…

For those of us who keep our boats in a marina, we know that the berthing fees are usually our highest annual cost. We all – usually grudgingly – accept this as a fact of boating life. Berth Holders Associations can help us improve the marina and therefore the value we get from our marina […]