Spotlight on Boat Brokers

Who boat brokers represent The majority of the time, you will be buying a boat or yacht via a  boat broker. There are some key issues that you need to be aware of. Firstly, the boat broker represents the seller; not you as the buyer. His prime legal and fiduciary responsibility is to the seller; […]

Deciding What You Want From Your Boat

Deciding what you want from your boat One of the challenges when buying a boat, especially if it is your first boat, is deciding what you want. At Go Earth, we call this process “Requirement Analysis” – a term unceremoniously nicked from project management and software development.   Breadth of choice So – you know […]

Boating at Goodwood Festival of Speed

There is no doubt that the boat show scene is changing. The very long-established London Boat Show is sadly no more, and many people are saying that the typical boat show format needs to be developed and updated, and to broaden its appeal. In particular, the traditional boat shows tend to appeal to the same […]

The Boat Buying Process – Getting Expert Advice

There is no doubt that buying a boat is not a cheap exercise. It is therefore important that you get the best expert, impartial, professional advice available. This article is intended to help you get that advice, covering the full end-to-end process involved in buying your boat- whether it is your first boat or your […]