Buying a Boat – Getting the Right Advice

See a boat you like? Fall in love with it at first sight? Immediately reach for your wallet? That’s all fine – however, you want to be sure that it is a boat that you will continue to be in love with even after that first flush of romance. You need to ensure that the […]

Buying a Superyacht

For many people, buying a superyacht is the culmination of a dream. For others, it must remain just that – a dream. This article is intended to help you – either in reality or in your dreams!   Definition It is difficult to define what is meant by ‘superyacht’. You can define it in many […]

Moving On Up (With Apologies to M People!)

Two people in a wooden dinghy

Moving from this… …to this There comes a time in the life of every boater when they decide it is time for a change. You have had your boat – and it’s been great while it lasted. However, now you may want a faster, younger or bigger (or possibly smaller) model. Or perhaps simply move […]

Viewing a Boat For Sale

Binoculars attached to a pier, a sail boat in the distance

You are looking for your first, or your next boat. Let’s assume that you have narrowed your boat search down to a few boats that might be suitable. Now we get to the exciting bit. Viewing potential purchases. All you need to do now is view them, and then make a decision. Sounds easy? Sadly, […]