Embracing Fender Technologies to Enhance Boating Experience

The latest version of the fender system, AF6

Boating has always been a blend of tradition, skill, and adventure. However, as technology continues to advance, it is worth it for boaters to embrace the latest innovations to enhance their yachting experience. We will explore the rise of fender technologies, and examine the role of a Fender System in facilitating safer, more effortless procedures […]

Fire Safety on Boats

fire safety on a boat

Safety On Board You’ve probably see pictures or even videos of a boat on fire. It certainly is not a pretty sight and one that quite correctly puts  fear – or at least caution – into your heart. There is no doubt that the best approach requires a combination of prevention, detection and first line firefighting. […]

You Old Seadog

dogs and boating

Dogs and Boating Wikipedia reliably informs us that ‘seadog’  can refer either to a sailor or a dog. Well, it  occurred to me that many of us have actual dogs, of all breeds, shapes and sizes that come out on our boats, so a few words about  them might be helpful. Some dogs do genuinely love being out on […]

The Joy of Berthing

An Automatic Fender System set next to a boat fender

Innovative devices that can aid berthing We all know it. Berthing a boat can sometimes be remarkably straightforward, and at other times can be a time of stress, challenge, shouting, misunderstandings, slight (and possibly expensive) bumps and even the odd (and definitely very expensive) trip to the divorce lawyer! What can you do to reduce […]