Innovation for Boat Buyers and Boat Brokers

Here at Go Earth, we pride ourselves on being innovative and resourceful – and like to ‘think outside of the box’ when it comes to how we approach our products and services.

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to showcase our latest innovations; The Boating Enterprise Search Tool (BEST) and Boat Simulator game.

Brand Ambassador, Blue Davies and Marketing Manager, Jacey Roberts discuss the BEST and the Boat Simulation game created by Go Earth.

To kick things off, can you briefly explain what the BEST Software is?

Blue: In simple terms, the BEST Software is a tool to enable brokers to have access to more boats, to enable a larger volume of boats to be sold. A straightforward process using the software to quickly locate and identify a specific type of boat and price to meet the buyer’s requirements. 

What are the benefits for a  broker using the BEST Software?

Blue: The main benefit is the access to a wider selection of boats to match the ideal boat their customer is looking for, ultimately doing more business.

Jacey: We are ultimately eliminating all the hard work for the brokers by adding hard to find data of brokers which sell all types of boats. 

On average, how much faster do you think the BEST Software is compared to a generic Google search to find the ideal boat?

Blue: I would suggest it would reduce time spent finding the ideal boat for a customer in terms of days.

Jacey: We got transport providers and surveyors through geo-location, so if a broker is unfamiliar with a location, we have resources to assist with the deal, such as transportation.

Who should buy the BEST software?

Blue: Simple, any brokers looking to increase their boat sales. You can try the BEST Software and you can make your own mind up to how helpful it is to your own business.

Moving on to the Boating Simulation game – Did you have fun playing it?

Blue: Yes, I am not a gaming person, but I did enjoy the Boat Simulator and getting a feel for what it could be like trying to manoeuvre a boat. It’s an introduction of what it will be when you get a chance to get on a boat in real life.


How realistic is the boat game to real life?

Blue: Like any simulator / video game it cannot replicate the real environment, but it does give the user the opportunity in a safe space to try their skills, without endangering anyone or anything.

Having answered all the key questions related to the BEST software we hope we have made it clear, what is the BEST software. We would like to thank Blue Davies and Jacey for their valuable feedback on the new and exciting ventures which Go Earth has taken on!

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