Viewing a Boat For Sale

Binoculars attached to a pier, a sail boat in the distance

You are looking for your first, or your next boat. Let’s assume that you have narrowed your boat search down to a few boats that might be suitable. Now we get to the exciting bit. Viewing potential purchases. All you need to do now is view them, and then make a decision. Sounds easy? Sadly, […]

Deciding What You Want From Your Boat

Deciding what you want from your boat One of the challenges when buying a boat, especially if it is your first boat, is deciding what you want. At Go Earth, we call this process “Requirement Analysis” – a term unceremoniously nicked from project management and software development.   Breadth of choice So – you know […]

An Interview with Boat Trader

The leisure marine industry has many different companies in many sectors selling a wide variety of goods and services to boaters and potential boaters. In this special interview, we talk to Boat Trader and explain why ‘Go Earth does it differently’.   Something different   Boat Trader: Martin, can you tell us a bit about […]

Getting Started in Boating

Dipping your toe in the water Never been boating before? Thinking of buying a boat? But not sure if it is for you? In that case, we have two useful suggestions to help you get started: Try an on-board experience for a short period Get independent, professional advice on what sort of boat would best […]