Embracing Fender Technologies to Enhance Boating Experience

The latest version of the fender system, AF6

Boating has always been a blend of tradition, skill, and adventure. However, as technology continues to advance, it is worth it for boaters to embrace the latest innovations to enhance their yachting experience. We will explore the rise of fender technologies, and examine the role of a Fender System in facilitating safer, more effortless procedures […]

How To Choose The Right Marina

Learn how to choose your ideal marina

Marinas, Moorings and Berths OK, you now have the boat of your dreams. Just one tiny little challenge exists. Where do you put it? Most people decide on a marina, depending on the size of the boat. Given that we are talking about boating, you won’t be surprised to hear that marinas are not cheap! […]

The Hunt for Stacia Leigh

The Stacia Leigh Bed and Breakfast

The Hunt Starts As a company one of our specialisms is finding suitable boats  for clients. In this we are assisted by our own bespoke software  known, immodestly, as ‘BEST’ (which actually stands for Boating  Enterprise Search Tool!). Recently we were engaged for a very unusual assignment. A client wanted to find a specific boat of great historical […]

Buying a Boat – Getting the Right Advice

See a boat you like? Fall in love with it at first sight? Immediately reach for your wallet? That’s all fine – however, you want to be sure that it is a boat that you will continue to be in love with even after that first flush of romance. You need to ensure that the […]