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We had an interview with our Brand Ambassador, alongside our Marketing Manager. A perfect read if you want to have an insight at Go Earth’s as an company and the services which we provide.

What do you think of Go Earth’s new website?

The new website is clear and the offering of services is well laid out and detailed. It is well laid out and reasonable intuitive.

How do you feel starting at Go Earth?

I am thrilled to be working as a Brand Ambassador for Go Earth. This innovative, forward-thinking business has a wealth of exciting ideas and ventures to enhance services within the Leisure Marine Industry for businesses and customers alike. I like the disruptive part of Go Earth which is bringing into the boating industry

How are Go Earth services helpful to the buyers?

I think the range of services offering by Go Earth is comprehensive and buyers can pick and choose what help and advice they require according to their needs. Whether it it’s buying a boat, surveyor, transport negotiating and all the other parts to make sure the deal is done.

Why do you think Go Earth is the right place for the boat buyer?

The Go Earth offer is unique and such a broad service that a buyer will be able to access a range of independent advice and guidance in their journey to buy a boat.

What trends do you see or predict in the boating industry?

The main trend I think will be technology and how it makes boating easier to access, simpler to partake in and safer. This in turn will attract more family-oriented users and hopefully a more diverse section of the community. With the easy-to-use technology a wider range of ethnic people can get into the boating industry, compared to a white male dominated market. Also, social media will help, seeing a variety of different people to get into the boat search.

How would a beginner put their foot in the boating industry?

Seek out your local Sailing Club, most will have opportunities for beginners to give it a go, whether is sailing or powerboating. Take a course, get qualified and build your confidence, then in time the next step is to give Go Earth a call and look in to buying your own boat.

What are some reasons one should buy a boat?

A lifetime of adventures awaits you, and what better way to experience that than in your own boat? It has great health and wellbeing benefits as well; fresh air, exercise and the freedom of the seas.

Owning a boat can seem daunting and there is much to consider before buying, but ultimately it can be easier than you may think. Purchasing a boat doesn’t have to cost the earth either, starting from as little as £3000 for a 5-metre sail boat.

There are excellent programs for children as well, where they can learn to sail and be confident in their abilities.

What are some questions you should be asking the seller before purchasing a boat?

Always have a survey completed on the boat you are buying and if possible, it’s like when buying a car, you wouldn’t buy a car without checking if it has an MOT. Also, take someone with you who knows about boats, especially if you are new to boating. This is where Go Earth come into their own, providing all the advice you will need to make a purchase or not as the case maybe.

Using a boat, what are some destination/places you would recommend to someone from the UK?

I live in the Solent on the south coast of England and the waters around the coast line are fantastic, with the Isle of Wight close by and rivers like the Hamble and Beaulieu easy to access with stunning scenery.

Jacey: Cheshire circle and Chocolate Box Villages. Families can look at hiring boats for the day.


From boating trends to how Go Earth helps buyers make the best purchase decision. We hope this valuable information has benefited our readers! We would like to thank our Brand Ambassador – Blue Davis for his expert advice and the years of knowledge which he has shared with us. 

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