Top 12 Coolest Boats

We have curated our best 12 coolest boat list. Get ready to see the amazing creativity in the boating industry! Lets get started…


Sea Breacher

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The Sea Breacher is a totally awesome-looking boat created by the New Zealander Rob Innes and his partner American Dan Piazza—who are also the founders of the American company Innespace Inc. It can dive five feet beneath the surface and leap 16′ in the air, but its coolest feature has to be that it looks like an orca. Priced at $65,000 or so, this boat will lighten your wallet. But is it worth when you make all the heads turn in the marina? Maybe. Is it worth it to have such a cool boat? Definitely

The SWATH Sea Shadow

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The Sea Shadow is a SWATH—small waterplane area twin hull. You may be surprised to learn that this unique craft was built all the way back in the 1980s by US navy for testing, but with one look, you’ll understand why it makes our list.


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The Sea Solar Sail, built at a cost of $26 million, is the first ever solar-powered boat. This 102’ long by 49’ wide craft doesn’t just look like the craziest boat under the sun – it also is powered by it – the sun. Just imagine the amount of energy saved! Covered in solar panels, in full sunlight the boat produces 127 fossil-fuel-free horsepower, and can cruise at up to 10 knots.

Miss Geico

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Miss GEICO is owned by AMF Riviera Beach, which is owned by Marc Granet, Scotty Begovich, Scott Colton, Gary Stray, Gary Goodell and sponsored by the American insurance company GEICO. The most powerful version of Miss GEICO was a 50-foot vessel powered by twin Lycoming T-53 turbine engines. It hit speeds in excess of 210 mph. That boat caught fire during a race, but nobody was injured.


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The Marine Link was a turbine-powered raceboat with 4,200 HP in the stern that could break 200-MPH, that was built by Mystic Powerboats in Deland, FL. Unfortunately, the boat burned to the waterline because of a hydraulic fitting failure and can no longer be seen.

Footprint Boats

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The Footprint does resemble the shape of a Star Trek shuttlecraft—at least in the aft (front) half. And yes, the pop-up camper is also at the back. But whatever you think about combining these three things together, this thing looks cool. Intended for cruising on lakes and inland waterways areas, the Footprint can carry larger groups thanks to its 8’2” beam (width). It’s cool!

Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat 

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The Nauti-Craft, a true work of nautical art, incorporates the remarkable features of off-road vehicles into its design to eliminate common sea-faring problems. Nauti-Craft’s top-tier technological advancements ensure safety, stability and comfort at high level.

Hyper-Sub Submarine Boat 

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The opportunity to ride in a submarine—like a scene out of a thriller novel—is now a reality, brought about by the hybrid construction dubbed the Hyper-Sub Speedboat. This cool speed boat brings all of the many features of a regular speedboat with those of a submarine to open up an entire world of opportunity not previously possible. The Speed Submarine can travel at speeds at 26 knots and operates with ease below sea surface regardless of pressure levels or other conditions.

Kormaran K7 Transforming Watercraft

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You know those people who are always bragging about their boat? It’s time to put them in their place. The Kormaran K7 is the boat capable of changing form and function while IN MOTION to suit your precise needs. One has to see it in motion to really appreciate this boat. It seems like a legendary creation until you get to see it in action. The specialty behind its engineering is the fact that it allows the craft to alter the gap between the two hulls and to adjust the passenger cabin height. This makes it possible for the amazing vessel to operate as a single hull craft while offering the stability of a catamaran or even trimaran.

Humber Work Boats

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Who says you have to choose between your family and your friends? The Jet Capsule is a luxury vessel that allows you to fit in the entire family and a few friends for a memorable excursion.

And it’s affordable.

In addition to its sleek, streamlined design and comfortable ride, the Jet Capsule comes in custom designs to suit your personal needs.

The Zebra Electric Wooden Boat 

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The Electric Zebra is a luxury boating company that offers a new take on the industry. The Electric Zebra’s goal is to transform the luxury boating industry by taking care to address two common concerns that many enthusiasts have come to accept with resignation: silence and style. How is this possible? As the name suggests, the Zebra utilizes a very appealing stripe pattern that makes it an instant eye magnet for anyone who has an eye for elegance. It also employs the ideal blend of colors, a demure brown and cheerful orange to create the ultimate contrast and engage every beholder.


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With the increasingly sophisticated world of transportation, everything that was initially impossible is now possible. One example of technological progress is the creation of a flying hydrogen boat, the SeaBubbles. You’re going to like it! You might not believe that this cool boat can fly over the water without making the water ripple. Highlighting a motto, “Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission,” this boat does not even make a noise like other boats in general. Therefore, it is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly.

So there it is, our top coolest boats picks. If you liked reading this article, then make sure to read our other boating articles. 

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